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As a pharmaceutical company, NRT’s primary responsibility is to continuously introduce innovative drugs to meet the needs of social health. At the same time, we take the initiative to perform social responsibilities, in quality control, environmental governance, social friendliness and other aspects of continuous exploration.

People Oriented

Committed to sustainable management and continuously technology innovation, CNRT provides secured, efficient, and high quality radioactive drugs, which improve life quality and health. This turns out to be sustainable returns of investment for stakeholders, while also satisfied employees’ individual development and contribute to society wellbeing.


Scientific R&D

CNRT focuses on innovations and talents. With R&D as the cornerstone, we put efforts to build up industrialized and high-quality product R&D platform by outstanding R&D investment proportion, which enabled the rapid, sustainable, and healthy development. The responsibility of innovation forces us concentrated on industrialization of our intellectual products, as well as pushes us to be visionary and compatible for radioactive pharmaceutical industry and society wellbeing.

Normative Production

Well-developed quality control system complys the GMP regulations for plant design, technology modification, and production procedure. It ensures the qualities from business processes like raw materials, pilot test, multi-dosage forms preparations, and storage management.


Healthy operation

We are committed to improving efficiency of regulations, innovations, and management. We also persist on inform the public with professional knowledge to guide reasonable drug usage and explore the national and international market with professionalism and proactiveness.


Green development

CNRT has raised significant awareness for environmental issues, contaminants are mainly produced from energy consumption, raw materials, and solid, liquid, and gas waste of R&D and production. Our team has pay serious attention for the environmental risk management. Besides the related regulations, some other measurements have been done includes completing environmental management system, clean production, emission reduction, green office, and mitigate the environmental impact from beforehand, in-process, afterward stages of any activities.


Environmental Management Measurement

Scientific management: specifying environmental management network and level, completing department for environmental management to timely conduct risk analysis, inspection and evaluation.

Clean production: modifying production technology, adopting advanced equipment, encourage dedicate production, combine clean production with new energy and technology to limit the contaminants from production process.

Continuous Improvement: adopting PDCA management strategy, long term modification for energy saving and emission reduction, improving water resources recycling utilization, improving waste water and gas treatment, and improve non-hazard waste recycle rate.


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