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Chengdu New Radiomedicine Technology Co.,Ltd. is a Chinese medical isotopes provider. Our business covers research, manufacture and sales for medical isotopes and products and services for malignant tumor diagnosis and treatments and radionuclides medicine technology support and consulting.

New Drug Technology Services

  • Radioactive Laboratory for Animal Tests

    Our testing center is a Class B unsealed workplace, with daily maximum operation capacity of 3.79 x 10⁹Bq and capability to operate more than 10 kinds of nuclides includes F-18, 14-C, and I-131. The center can conduct preclinical safety evaluation includes pharmacodynamic, pharmacokinetic, pharmacology, and toxicology test on non-radioactive and radioactive drugs as well as radioactive nuclides labeling and imaging experiments. The animal tested are SPF grade large and small mice, and regular grade rabbit, dog, and monkey.

  • Radiopharmaceutical Test Centre

    We have a class A radioactive laboratory and a class B radioactive drug testing and research center. The center is equipped with professional testing instruments involve physical measurement, chemical analysis, microbiological inspection. Including HP Ge γ Spectrometer, LSC, TLS and radioactivity meter,  LC, GC, IC, AAS, Aseptic Isolation System, Biosafety Cabinet, and some other varied advanced apparatus. We are the only national verified Class B unsealed radioactive workplace for drug inspection and research in China. The center is capable to conduct inspection and examination for 28 nuclides includes 131-I、32-P、90-Y、99m-Tc、18-F、14-C


Innovative Radiopharmaceutical

  • Radioactive Glass Microspheres

    New glass microsphere is produced by innovative developed technic. With particle size of 20 to 30µm, the microsphere is capable to generate target radioactive nuclides after reactor irradiation. The sphere is a medical device as radioactive embolization for interventional oncology such as liver cancer and tongue cancer.


  • Novel Radioactive Microsphere Carrier

    Via innovative technology, a new type of material is adopted to the microsphere. The novel microsphere with particular size is light, non-toxic, and capable to carry nuclides efficiently to perform as targeted radioactive embolization for interventional oncology.


News Center
  • Mr. Jihui Qian, the co-founder of the company, introduced CNRT to Mr. Qiang Luo, the Mayor of Chengdu City.
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